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Наши люди теперь есть везде.

Вот И.С. Макаров продвигает эфирные теории. Добраться до его книги пока не удалось. Только до обложки.  Вот к чему приводят авторские права- ни до чего нужного не доберёшься- надо книжки в магазине покупать.... и ждать пока довезут...

И.С. Макаров   возглавляет центр реформирования науки .....

Петиции Обаме пишет.... Надо и мне попробовать. От наших только отписки приходят....

6 June 2009
Mr. Barack Obama
President of the United States of America
White House

Dear Mr. President:

I highly appreciate your sincere and thoughtful approach to domestic and international issues. I would like just to remark that, at our time of science, it is of crucial importance to take into account also the state of modern science and its role in modern society, as follows:

(1) the technological progress of our time, mainly in transportation, communications and information technology, has united the whole world thus suggesting the necessity for its global organization; on the other hand, modern society is still severed by ideological prejudices, nationalistic and private interests and cannot be immediately organized into an integral community; at the same time, modern society cannot any longer manage and control the powerful means it has produced;

(2) this discrepancy between modern technology and modern society is the main reason for the present general crisis of civilization now threatening the very existence of humankind; thus, for civilization to survive, it is necessary to reform modern society;

(3) in our time of science, such problems as the reform of society and its global organization could be solved only scientifically; however, modern science is itself experiencing now a deep crisis and is not up to the job; moreover, paradoxical as it is, modern science presents now the main threat to society; therefore, modern science should be reformed first;

(4) although the reform of modern science is quite a task in itself, fortunately, we have now a blue-print for such a reform: it is my half-life-long independent research in Systems Theory and Theoretical Physics initiating the reform of modern physics and blazing a path to the reform of modern science in general including humanities (politics, economics, medicine, etc.); the research is now prepared as a book, titled "A Theory of Ether, Particles and Atoms", ready for publishing;

(5) regrettably, trying to publish the book, I have encountered resistance on the part of the scientific establishment considering perhaps my research a threat to their position in science; so, at present, while the book has been recently transmitted by e-mail to many institutions (for example, the SLAC Research Library, the Fermilab Library, etc.), the situation still looks like a deadlock and, to proceed with the reform of science, the Administration's intervention seems absolutely necessary.

In this connection would you please give instruction to organize a discussion of my above research, publish it and, possibly, convene an international conference to establish an International Center of Reform Science, in Europe or the USA, necessary to proceed with the reform on a large scale. If necessary, I could make a report on the research and the relevant issues.

Yours sincerely,
Igor Makarov, PhD
Independent Researcher
P.O. Box 461, Haifa 31003, Israel

The Reform Science Center

The Reform Science Center

The Reform Science Center

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